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How to Apply for Membership

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How to Apply for Membership

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:23 am

How to Join Twisted Empire as a Basic Member.

Joining the Twisted Empire as a Basic Member is basically saying that you are a non-gaming member at this point. This would be people who know of us and want to join our cause but either do not play games or are most likely already affiliated with another group on the games we play. Basic Members participate in discussion about Sports/Media/ and general non-game related topics.

Once you have decided to join in on the TEN fun

1.) Register an account on this site
2.) Confirm Verification Email.
3.) Come back to the site and new discussion topics will have been revealed so that you may partake in.

- How to Join the Twisted Empire Gaming Network as a gamer -

Joining the Twisted Empire Network as a Gamer means that you are dedicated to exerting your skills to increase the brand recognition of the Empire. We play both computer games and console games. Once you register on the forums you will have to put in an application (very short) to join the game specific forum, and start discussing topics related to the games you are playing. While you are waiting for verification on joining the Gaming clan you will be able to enjoy all of the discussions that a basic member would have.

1.) Register an Account on these forums.
2.) Confirm Verification email.
3. ) Come back to the site and New discussions will be revealed, all of which you may start to post in.
4.) Put in a short application to start training in a game specific forum.

We hope you decide to create an account and join us for our common discussions even if you are not interested in joining the Gaming portion of this Alliance/Brand. We are always looking to increase our membership with skilled members that can contribute to our projects and goals.


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